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Experience A Level Of Boxing Knowledge That No One Else In The Sport Has Been Willing To Share...... Until Now.


The Answers For Creating Financial Success, Power & Leverage In 1 Place.

In this exclusive fraternity of only 15 Coaches, you will spend 12 months together with 1 LIVE virtual masterclass a month.  

PLEASE NOTE:  This Is NOT skills training.  You can find that in TOP TRAINER CHAMPIONSHIP U programs.

This is about the X's & O's and the between the lines stuff that 98% of coaches do not know.  It's the not knowing that will keep you at a disadvantage.

The Finer Points Of Boxing & Coaching

You'll push your Boxing IQ to the max & become confident that you WILL NOT fall victim to the #1 reason why fighters lose..incompetence in the corner.

Navigating Politics & Red Tape

The politics are real in this sport.  From judges, to referees, to promoters and the sanctioning bodies, you will learn their worlds, their rules so you can navigate the waters successfully and create lucrative relationships.

Career Advisory

Boxing is a business. From contracts, to sponsorships, to getting on PPV cards and knowing how to get the best matchups with the best deals for your fighters.  You'll have the blueprint. No more questions.  Just answers.

It's NOT What You DO KNOW That Will Work Against You.

It's What You DON'T Know That Will Surely Come To Steal Your Victory & Confidence In The Most Pivotal Moments.

Secure Your Seat In The Coach's Corner

Understanding The 6 Levels Of Boxing To Master

You hear us say all the time, "there are levels to this game".  You will become clear on the difference between boxing skills, skill sets, technique, styles and the highest level of boxing...craft. 

Avoiding Incompetence In The Corner

The #1 reason why fighters lose is due to incompetence in the corner.  We'll make sure you don't fall into this trap. You'll achieve unshakeable corner confidence.

The Blueprint To Medaling

There's a blueprint to knowing how to medal at Nationals &  the Olympics.  Understanding the world of judges, referees, sanctioning bodies etc. is absolutely essential.  You'll be crystal clear & prepared.

Moving Up Coaching Levels

There are requirements to moving from a Level 1, to a Level 2, to a Level 3 and Level 4 Coach.  We will remove all of the unknowns and you will be able to level up with assurance.


Progressing During Tournaments

There are requirements to progressing during  tournaments.  From local, to national, to Olympic and on to the professional ranks, we will erase all doubt and you'll have the blueprint to dominate.

Knowing How To Survive

Situational encounters such has cuts, bruises, low blows, head butts, are an absolute necessity to know how to survive.  Your fighter's safety & wellness lie in your hands.  We'll make sure you are prepped & ready.

Navigating The Politics

The waters are treacherous in this sport.  They will have you constantly running up hill if you don't know how to play your cards right.  From judges & referees to boxing commissions and promoters, we'll make sure you understand their worlds and their languages so you will have a competitive advantage.

Hosting Lucrative Events

Boxing events are notorious for sucking up cash with little to no return.  Sometimes fighters don't even get their purse.  The good news, is when you know how to put on events and monetize them properly, you've got yourself a solid stream of revenue.


Show Me The Money

From understanding how do do contracts right to knowing how to get your fighters top dollar, aligning with top promoters & securing a slot on a PPV card, this is where the money is made & missed. Let's make sure you are on the "A" side.


Making The Best Fights

Understanding how to make the best fight match ups for your fighter's career is essential.  Securing sponsorships & being an Ambassador for your athletes lies on your shoulders.  We've got the blueprint to give you. 

The Power Of Social Media

Social media is your go to weapon for building your athlete's brand and your program's notoriety. Learn how to do it the right way to attract top promoters and opportunities.  We've got ya covered!

The Team Is Everything

Every high level training camp and boxer athlete has a solid team surrounding them.  Everyone plays their role. Being able to identify your holes and secure the hands you need will be one of the biggest components of your success and your athlete's.  

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Eric A. Bradley

Coming from one of the world's most richly decorated boxing bloodlines as well as an educational pioneer in the sport of Boxing, Coach Bradley has dedicated his life, knowledge and experiences to creating SYSTEMS to help Coaches, Trainers and Gym Owners in the world of Combat.

Whether it's comprehensive skills teaching, world class programming or Harvard level business experiences, he is committed to making the sport of Combat and those in it better while saving them decades of time & frustration.

Being first and delivering the absolute best educational experiences is always front and center for Coach Bradley and his team at Master Boxing.

The launch of The Coach's Corner came as a result of a keen awareness that there has been an essential component missing for Coaches in the centuries old sport of boxing.

This component has nothing to do with boxing skills but rather the secrets to navigating the treacherous waters of the world of Boxing & Combat at large.

Coach Bradley and his team have come to the table with a powerful & one of a kind solution and resource with The Coach's Corner.

They are excited to spend the next year with a phenomenal circle of Coaches and watching them rise to the top!


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