The Ugly Truth About Boxing

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The Ugly Truth About Boxing Salaries: Why Many Professional Boxers in the USA Struggle to Make Ends Meet.

. . . but a new day is dawning in the sport of Boxing. 


When we think of professional boxers, we often imagine glitz, glamour and huge paychecks.

However, the reality is far from that.

The majority of boxers in the USA don't make nearly as much as the sport's biggest stars. In fact, the average purse for a professional boxer in the USA is much lower than you might expect.  The harsh truth is that many of these athletes struggle to make ends meet.


According to data from the Association of Boxing Commissions, the average purse for a professional boxer in the USA is around $36,000. While $36,000 may sound like a decent amount of money, it's important to remember that this is the average, meaning that many boxers earn far less than this amount.


Furthermore, this figure only includes the fighter's purse, which is the amount they receive for the fight itself. This doesn't take into account other expenses such as training costs, travel expenses, and medical bills. Many fighters also have to pay a portion of their purse to their trainers and promoters, further reducing their take-home pay.


For many professional boxers, the sport is a labor of love. They train for hours every day, pushing their bodies to the limit in pursuit of their dreams. However, despite all of their hard work and dedication, many of these athletes struggle to make a living wage. They may work second jobs to make ends meet or rely on the support of family and friends to get by.


The challenges faced by professional boxers are often overlooked in the world of boxing where the spotlight is on the sport's biggest stars. It's easy to get caught up in the hype of high-profile fights but the reality is that the vast majority of boxers are struggling to make a living wage.


The low pay is not the only problem for professional boxers. The sport is physically demanding and boxers are at risk of serious injury every time they step into the ring. Medical bills can quickly pile up and many boxers struggle to afford the healthcare they need to stay healthy and continue competing.


Typically when there are issues that arise in the world of sports, you hope there is a saving grace from organizations, your personal network or luck.  This rarely results in a positive outcome.


Then came a CEO and 3rd generation coach who stepped up to the plate. 

This individual was Coach Eric A. Bradley of Master Boxing and Co-Founder of Jab Juice LLC  in South Florida.

Bradley and his team took to this narrative shortly after having to advise and manage many of Boxing’s Hall of Fame fighters who became victims of the harsh financial woes of the unstable economics of Boxing.


Bradley has constructed an initiative solely to show current Boxers how to become high earners in the sport by teaching them each phase of managing their careers, grooming them on becoming a successful brand and planning for the future ahead. 

According to Bradley, these are the 3 "M's" of success:  Managing, Marketing & Mentorship.


Not stopping at being a lifeline for fighters, Bradley doubled down by forming a non-profit that will truly give the athletes value by teaching them financial literacy, how to properly form their LLCs and how to use social media right to grow their own brand and businesses. This will give athletes the foothold to allow them to have a career after Boxing. This nonprofit is cleverly named Beyond The Jab.


Bradley has made it his mission to play a huge role in aiding with rebranding the reputation of the sport that opened doors for him.  He sees it as his time to pay it forward and create a noticeable impact.


"There are so many negatives to clean up in this industry.  This gives us plenty of repetition to use a fine tooth comb to build a stellar reputation for the sport and a prosperous & safe lifestyle for these fighter’s sacrifice." says Bradley.


Bradley, being a former coach, knew that there needed to be a place to educate trainers on the finer practices of developing Boxers.  This was the golden opportunity to partner with two of the largest and most reputable companies in Boxing and in fitness.  This partnership resulted in the creation of a first class educational platform to bring continued education to trainers so they would have the credentials to keep their fighters as safe as possible while in battle. 


"Fighter safety and having trained and competent personnel in the corner is non-negotiable.  The clock has run out on complaining about these critical issues.  We must take massive action if you want to create real change.These issues must be removed not complained about, we must take massive action if you want change" says Bradley. 


Being insistent on having a dedicated place for coaches who are working with competitive fighters to learn the ins and outs of the sport, Bradley created The Coach’s Corner. It's in the Coach's Corner that Bradley shares the pearls of boxing no one else has ever been willing to share.  From how to navigate the politics and the red tape to the finer points of coaching, career management, how to build your team just to name a few.


"I believe change comes about by giving people opportunity to reach their highest goals by pointing them in the right direction.  The Coach’s Corner will do this. The Beyond The Jab foundation will act as a liaison to financial literacy, professional branding and proper decision making for fighter's careers.  It's the most impactful combination a coach or fighter could ask for" says Bradley.

Financial issues have plagued fighters for decades, leaving them broke and suffering from long term physical damage. 

Despite these challenges, many boxers continue to pursue their dreams, driven by their passion for the sport. They train hard, work multiple jobs, and make sacrifices to support themselves and their families.

The dedication and perseverance of these athletes are truly inspiring. Now there is real help awaiting these combatants. 


"We must remember that professional boxers are more than just athletes that entertain us. They are people with families, bills to pay, and dreams to pursue. They deserve our respect and support, not just when they are in the ring, but in their daily lives as well" says Bradley.


How Can Fans Support Athletes?

 As fans of the sport, you can do your part by supporting local boxing events, purchasing merchandise, and spreading the word about up-and-coming fighters. We can also put pressure on the sport's promoters and organizations to provide better pay and benefits for boxers as well as improved healthcare and safety measures.


"This can be done in a tactful manner with wits and grace.  Let's not be messy.  The people in charge have also worked hard to position themselves, so let’s be respectful through this process" says Bradley.


In conclusion, professional boxing is a challenging and demanding sport, and the vast majority of boxers struggle to make a living wage. It's important to recognize and appreciate the dedication and sacrifices of these athletes and to support them in any way we can.

By doing so, we can help ensure that the sport of boxing continues to thrive and that its athletes are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.


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