The 2 Undeniable Factors To Tszyu's Victory

boxing boxing coach boxing training professional boxing the finer points of boxing tim tszyu tszyu vs harrison Mar 12, 2023

“Never underestimate the power & influence of a lineage.”

- Eric A. Bradley


Time and time again, in the sport of Boxing, people from the outside of Boxing underestimate the power of a lineage. 

Despite the fact that Tim Tszyu has recently shared in the media that his father, Kostya Tszyu, former professional World Champion left Tim, Tim's mother and brother in 2012 to go back to his native Russia, the influence & impact of his lineage is undeniable.

What do I mean exactly?

Let's dive in and take a deeper look.


When Tim Tszyu fought against Tony Harrison on 12.3.23, the most important thing was forgotten.....

The fact that Tim Tszyu has a father who dominated in this category and weight class in boxing proves that there is something to this thing called a "boxing lineage".

When Tony Harrison came out to fight this fight,

He was thinking boxing.

He was thinking footwork.

He was thinking skills.

Hew as thinking everything BUT what was front and center the entire time.

What was this?

Let's make this clear for the casual boxing fan:






  5. CRAFT



Our members in our TOP TRAINER U program get constant insight & knowledge on the details of this.

But to help you, as the reader here to understand this clearly, check out the video below when back in 2020, I spoke to this very topic when I put the spotlight on Canelo's level of boxing.

The 6 Levels Of Championship Boxing

Did that land with you?

Is there additional clarity for you?

Do you have a deeper understanding now about what you must acquire in order be at the top level of championship boxing?

I hope so because not understanding them and taking them as Bible, will land you in a heap of trouble. I won't allow that to happen on my watch.


Now back to the topic at hand.


Tim Tszyu had one of the cagiest fathers in boxing.


At worst, that means he would defeat 86% of men he would ever step into the ring with.

We're not talking regular men, we're talking championship level gladiators.


Tszyu displayed the ability to do the things that takes away your box of skills:

  • Cutting off the ring

  • Fighting off the line

  • Knowing how to fight a boxer and how to box a fighter

  • Tim also has power

It should be duly noted that Tony Harrison didn't lose this fight because he lacked the skills.

He simply is a level 3.5 on the 6 LEVELS OF CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING.

His demise was he ran into someone who knows how to box & fight at a higher level of boxing...CAGEY...the championship level owed to Tszyu's boxing lineage.

Let's make another thing clear, if the lineage wasn't intact, Tszyu loses that fight based on going skill for skill.

The fact that Tszyu did have that lineage and pedigree, he got the win honestly. Therefore making him the victor against Harrison.

Hopefully now you understand the importance of never underestimating the value & impact of a real boxing lineage.

Additionally, you understand what the real substance is within high level boxing along with a championship pedigree.

By having this knowledge & respecting it, you are able to operate accordingly and not be delusional. Trust me when I say, there is no one on the planet that is the exception to this rule or these levels.

No one.


So now I challenge you, "How can you change your boxing bloodline & lineage"?

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Every fight teaches us something.

In the case of Tszyu VS Harrison, that would be the value & impact of a boxing lineage.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and add to your boxing knowledge.

Just make sure you use it for good 👍


Eric A. Bradley