How Learning How To Box At Home Can Be Better Than Going To The Gym

beginners boxing boxing at home boxing fitness learn to box Mar 31, 2023

“Technology has closed the gap making it possible to have a more impactful learning experience than in the gym.” 

- Coach Eric A. Bradley



Are you one of the millions of people wanting to learn how to box?

I'm not talking just talking hitting a heavy bag.

I'm talking REALLY learning the science of boxing the right way.


Well, I've got some super news for you. . . . .

With the level of technology today, you don’t even have to go to a gym anymore.

Let me be clear about something:

The best reason to go to a gym is to get refining on & test what you’re learning.

But the reality is there’s a shortage of trainers in the gym.

So in order to get efficient work, you need programming to follow, not tips! 

Trainers have a responsibility to work with competitive athletes and their personal clients. So they don't have time or the interest to work with newbies.

Don’t take this personally.

Just realize it’s a business. 

The best take away for you here is that now you can learn from top professionals how to box without going to the gym.


With that said, here is my Top 6 Pick for the things you must keep in mind when you commit to learning how to box at home! 🥊

1. Be Consistent

The most important thing that you have to keep in mind when learning how to Box is that you must be consistent. Boxing is sport based on muscle memory. The only way to achieve it is consistency and diligent practice. This means repetition will be king in your training. Train daily, shadow box in the kitchen when you are cooking dinner, in the get my drift?

For example, Team Master Boxing practices footwork EVERY, SINGLE day for 2 hours a day.

That's consistency folks.

2. Know What You Want To Achieve

The other thing that you have to keep in mind is what you want out of the Boxing?

The beautiful thing about Boxing is a quality program is about mentorship, discipline, mindset, and overcoming obstacles. 

But it's understanding "WHY" you desire to train will give you a mission driven goal.

Is it to get in better shape?

Be able to go into a real boxing gym with confidence?

Do you ultimately desire to compete or coach?


3. Jump In With Both Feet With A Reliable Source

Boxing will offer you an entire vocabulary that’s unknown by the general public. So you want to be sure that who you are learning from isn't some fly by night trainer on social media but rather someone with documented experience and is an excellent TEACHER.

A first class boxing teacher will deliver what you must know in such a manner that it's understandable & digestible. What you learn should give you the foundation and confidence prior to going into a boxing gym. So when you do go into the gym you won't feel disconnected from what the coach is sayin.

EXTRA FACT:  Whatever you’ve taught yourself will need to be removed from your mind. Start fresh with a clean slate & open mind.

4. Is There Room For Growth?

Nothing is worse than getting started in something that you love only to be disappointed and feel like you have hit the ceiling.

Learning the science of boxing is about progressing over time. There are no shortcuts in this game but with the right system, you can expedite your learning curve. In our Boxing Training PREP School, we have a very structured program that teaches anyone the fundamentals of boxing.

But what happens when you are ready for more?

Because if you are bit by the boxing bug for real, you aren't going to want to stop. You also want to resort back to surfing social media trying to piece things together thinking you are good because you have a little boxing under your belt.

Here at Master Boxing, when someone is ready for more, their next step is to go to TOP TRAINER U.

In TOP TRAINER U, our members take a deeper dive into the PROCESS of learning the science of boxing along with an incredibly strong mentorship program so they are 100% confident in their skills, execution and direction. When they reach a certain status, they can make a natural progression to CHAMPIONSHIP U

You see, in Boxing your learning never stops. This applies to you if you are just starting or if you are a Coach or fighter in a PPV fight.

5. Is It User Friendly?

It sounds obvious but I know countless people who were hungry to learn how to box only end up being completely frustrated after they bought into an online program that was full of technical bugs, lacked structure and had little to no substance.

Don't let that happen to you.

That's why all of our programs are conveniently accessible via an app or can be accessed on a desktop.

We are about making your life easier and your training better.

That's why we've gone the extra mile to ensure you have rich, quality boxing programming at your fingertips. No fumbling around, no wishing for more, just everything you need for where you are today in your journey front and center.

In our TOP TRAINER U & CHAMPIONSHIP U programs, we even have an AWESOME community for feedback, mentorship & critique. I've gotta say, this is the extra cherry on top!


learn to box at home

6. A Super Bang For Your Buck 💵

In the current world of apps and online Boxing programs, you can get a trainer for a fraction of the price that an expert would charge.

Can you say, "HUGE WIN"?

To give you some perspective:

The average small group session in combat costs $150 or more per month or bi-weekly. 

This doesn’t even secure one on one time with the expert nor a blueprint for you to follow. 

There are several levels to training online averaging $50 for ok programs and $99 -$127+ per month for top level online programming . 

In a first class app or virtual training program, you get:

  1. Training Blueprints

  2. Video Training Sequences

  3. World Class Community

  4. Expert Mentorship 

Make sure you have these boxes checked 👍🏽



Today's technology has made it possible for anyone to learn how to box or take their boxing skills and knowledge to the next level while having the convenience of training at home.

First class online boxing programs and apps have proven to be a more comprehensive and reliable source for you to learn and progress than an actual boxing gym.

That being said, before you start an online boxing program or download the latest boxing app, be sure that you have your boxes checked with what I mentioned above.

Here at Master Boxing, we make it easy with our online boxing training and app for you to learn and level up your boxing skills, knowledge & overall boxing cache.

And you don't even have to leave your home.

What more could you ask for in your journey?

As always, thank you for sticking here with me today. I hope you had a solid takeaway and how, with a quality program, it is possible to learn at home or on the go without stepping foot inside the gym.

Isn't it about time we use technology for its greatest good?

I think so.

Until next time, be blessed,

Coach Eric A. Bradley