Breathe Better To Live Better

breathing health & wellness healthy habits lifestyle personal development May 11, 2023

Each and every one of us wants an immaculate life. 

What if I told you that the key to obtaining the life of your dreams comes down to breathing?

Sounds crazy, right?

Or at the very least, cliche.

Allow me to explain.


There are only three simple components to life: the mind, body & soul.

If we keep it simple by feeding the mind, building the body and nourishing the soul, we can not only optimize our health & wellbeing but also the quality & impact of our lives.


The state or condition of your mind, body & soul is determined by one process . . . .


Knowing how to breathe can change the complexity of your entire life. 


Maybe you already knew this.  If so, it's still worth reinforcing this because it's that important.

The body operates on what is called a circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is controlled by what you’re breathing and how you are breathing. 


So what causes us to get out of whack?

The rhythm of the body is thrown off by daily interactions, lack of sleep, eating or drinking things that do not agree with our bodily functions etc.

Anxiety, stress, boundaries & restrictions also impact our circadian rhythm on a daily basis. 


So how can we get out bodies back to even?

This all begins with breathing.


If your sleep is being interrupted, you're experiencing brain fog or if you find that your health is consistently tipping left or right, up and down or around and around, here’s a technique that you can apply daily to bring back balance and peace of mind.


But before I dive deeper, for those of you who don't know me, my name is Eric A Bradley.   I’ve been a health and sports performance professional for three decades. 

I'm here to tell you through vast experience that there is no exercise and no eating that can change the rhythm of your body once it’s off.

So try this technique. I call it  BREATHE.


GET IN POSITION:  I suggest that you are either laying flat or standing tall. This allows your lungs to expand to their full capacity.

STEP 1:  Slowly take a deep breath in through your nostrils for a count of 7 seconds .

STEP 2:  Hold your breath for a count of 4 seconds.  Allow your mind to be clear.  (I promise this gets easier the more you do it)

STEP 3:  Exhale from your mouth for a count of 8 seconds.



This exercise isn’t meant to be done for just a day or two or whenever you feel like it.

This is a method that I strongly suggest you make a part of your daily life.  It should be part of our daily routine.  It only takes a few minutes and the payoff is tremendous.

I promise you this, if you do 4 cycles of this daily, your body will soon begin to reconnect and hear your urges for balance. 

You will soon find that your lungs expand and you’ll find it much easier to engage and exhale much deeper. 

If you’re making this a part of your lifestyle, that means you’re taking action to control your circadian rhythm which in turn means you aren't feeling those uncomfortable waves of emotions.

When you strive to find balance and you're taking time for yourself, you are attacking head on the top 2 reasons people get stressed in the first place:  lack of any sort of balance & self care.


The bottom line is if you’re not in control of your life, it’s in control of you.

Level the playing field.  Set an appointment with yourself every day.

It’s an investment into your mental health and your overall wellness.


As I bring this to a close, I challenge you to remember why you began reading this.

Something caught your attention.  Am I right?

Is your self conscience tapping you on the shoulder?



If you don’t remember anything, take this with you:

There are three dimensions happening just within that one body of yours:  body, mind & soul.

They are all speaking to you in tune to your circadian rhythm.

What are they saying to you right now?

If it's not the message you want to hear or feel, the good news is the simple exercise I've shared with you today, can change it.


So just BREATHE.

 In good health,

Eric A. Bradley